Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joselyn Todd - Web 2.0 Classroom

Web 2.0 Let’s Make Learning a Group Effort

Joselyn Todd
Sam Morris

Nice to see specific classroom application of technology. Gave me opportunity to think of ways to implement in my classroom. Practical implementation of Warlick philosophy. PW: group

Asked a participant to take notes and post them to the wiki (This is an example of what Alan November suggested in his session later in the day.)

Applications that are Web-centric

  • GoogleDocs
  • Amazon
  • CNN – commentary on CNN reporters

The long tail

web 2.0 awards

Wiki has replaced PowerPoint in Joselyn's class

wikipedia – 9 million pages in 6 years

Ø What if I had the students put their presentations re: pilgrims onto a wiki instead of presenting to the class? Then their parents could see the results and it would be stored for future reference.

Can document who did what in the Wiki history.

Suggestion from the audience – assign a color to each student so you can easily see who contributed.

Joselyn’s wiki about robotics.

Wiki hosts

Let students develop content. Have students develop content about their interests related to the subject area.

Wikis can be moderated.

Blog vs wiki -the most powerful person on a wiki is the LAST person on the wiki. Everyone is on an equal playing field. On blog there is one person who has a higher status. All the others respond to the author. blogs re: blogging 3rd grade

wordpress – students don’t need an email account to create a wordpress blog, can host on your own server and make it available only within the WAN

have students create a screencast to teach each other things.

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