Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ActivBoard Advanced

ActivBoard Advanced

page turn effects – right click the orange page turn button (if choose random ti will change with each page turn)

hiding the sound controller (it comes up when click on something that has sound associated with it) Main menu – studio settings – linked file hosting Uncheck show sound controller

keep preferences from being changed install it on a “thawed” drive so the preferences that you change don’t get forgotten (check if our drives go into deep freeze)

insert a page in the middle of flip chart right click – new page

right click disable Main menu – customize – tool store- presentation toosl – drag mouse with right button red – drag it between the first and second column. Toggles the right click on and off

rub and reveal

open blank and minimize it

open web brower and get to maps and get a map

camera tool – area and take snapshot of area sent to current flipchart

switch to satellite image hit the camera tool again (automatically select the same area), sent to current flipchart again

lock the one you want in the back to the background

put the one you want in the front – layer to the top, edit – lock

right click on the pen tool to get a circle

use eraser tool to erase the center of the image

group the parts of the image

Save an image to your tool bar Third column underneat the x on the control bar. It is blank and you can add your own tools to it. Hand will appear in the third column. Can drag any image to the third column to save it.

translucent button

double click the image and then you have a translucency dial for the top image and the one below will become visible


flipchart with instruments that you have to put in brass, string, percussion

switch to design mode

double click on object that you want – selectr properties(check) – select container – can contain – keywords and enter the keyword that it can contain

doubleclick the objects that you want to drag into the container and put the keyword into description

have to get out of design mode for it to work

copy stuff you want

select an object from a flipchart

bring up page selector window on the right (underneath page turn tool)

drag object and drop it onto a blank page that you see in the page selector window


double click the object – descriptors – restrictions – can move

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