Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alan November - Banning Student Containers

Alan November
Banning Student Containers

Philosophical presentation, digital learning farm is a cool vision. Like the specificity of things to try in the classroom. Lacked factual justification, but good correlary to Warlick's presentation.

The US has become one of the most restrictive countries for using the tools they use at home at school.

We should study what kids do with technology when they are at home. If middle school girls had gotten hold of paper before teachers in the middle ages we would have banned pencil and paper.

Most school work is very self-centered compared to the work that they were doing prior to the industrial age when they were doing work on the farm that was vital to the family.

There are kids in China who are more desparate than our kids. They want the life that we have. We need to create a culture of learning where our student are demandng more work so they will be able to compete.

The digital learning farm where children are farmers. Give children jobs on the digital learning farm.

“The best school’s I have seen are where the learner owns the learning. Until we get to a culture where the learner owns the learning it doesn’t matter.”

Step 1 – Homework is going to contribute to the good of the whole instead of the individual. i.e. Create a tutorial design team

screencastomatic is a free tool for broadcasting

Step 2 – Curriculum review team – create a weekly podcast reviewing the previous week’s curriculum

Step 3 – Daily researcher sits at Internet connected computer to get answers to factual questions. Teach critical thinking on the Web. (research response to Pope’s speech in Turkey, don’t want to just see the US version, look at tr domain)

Step 4 – Global Conversation Team - Get primary resource materials across the world regarding all subject materials. Have an international discussion of topics.

Step 5 – Official Scribe – takes notes and embeds Web tools on a daily basis

Joselyn Todd had one of the participants do this during her session earlier this morning.

fear and imagination are the two barriers to innovation

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Sarah said...

Hi Laura--I was the scribe in the Todd session--and then you blogged my presentation later. How cool! I just started a little blogging myself with the
Alan November talk.