Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interactive Whiteboards with Mimio

Riverwood Elementary School
in Johnston County Schools, NC

Very affordable alternative to ActivBoard and SmartBoard. Functionality of software is a bit limited. List of interactive Web sites is awesome.

It works on your white board. 3 pieces One piece installs on the side of the board, one is the pen, one plugs into your laptop. Has a calibration tool when you first attach it. Can move it from classroom to classroom.

~$550 (+white board if don’t have one) (+$199 for wireless connection) (+ data projector)

gallery that comes with the software has images, lessons on the Web site

can add images to the gallery

pen has right click capability

have to freeze the screen to use the highlighter tool on a Web page

in software update – will have tool bar locked to the side, will be able to do unlimited cloning

can’t animate objects, difficult to associate sounds with objects

Interactive Web sites all subjects LA, math, writing activities literacy, math, science several great links numeracy English, math, science, and other various topics all subject areas sketching quadratics mimio resource for interactive sites


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