Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NECC Tuesday Keynote

What do the arts, brain research, and creativity have to do with the emerging face of education?

Globalization of education
Arabic and Chinese are important languages in US education now
off shore tuturoing
shortages that we wil experience in teacher supply will be filled with international candidates
producing literate adn pompetent students is not enough, our graduates must be able to think creatively
most impotant requirement heard from educators in the NETS refresh was the need for creativity
think, learn and recruit globally the world of flat teaching is here
Don Kniesek, CEO of ISTE

Discussion Panel
Andrew Zolly
Mary Colonade - Philadelphia pubic schools
school of the future
learning first, tech nology later
power of language
be comfortable not knowing
tension of creativity and accountability

Dr Frances Pedro, global competitiveness, CERI
very big gap between use of computer at home and at school in US compared to other countries

Michael McCauley
seek out your cathedrals - think about the higher purpose of what you do, need deep faith in your team, role is to inspire all those around me by the hard work that I do

Elizabeth Streb, modern dance, Macarthur genius
ask seemingly unaswerable questions
streb lab for action mechanics

create a place where it is okay to fail
allow kids to gather on an ad hoc basis
4 pumps - include doers and users in the innovation (change to include kids), network, modularity - being part of a system but act autonymously, technology

brain research shows that students should learn foreign language as soon as possible

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