Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Live Blogging: Leslie Fisher Digital Pictures

If your camera is slow, get a professional speed card

camera shake is when everything is out of focus

Rule of thirds - overlay the grid to demonstrate
Look at space and figure out how to use it
Older people are more flattering looking up
Look for lines and how you can use them

Look for the natural light and use it, take it

8-10 feet is the limit of built in flash

notch on the zoom indicator shows when you move into digital zoom
digital zoom is the equivalent of a magnifying glass and crop tool

shutter priority - let me control the shutter speed
need enough lighting to get the fast shutter speed

aperture priority - portrait mode(short depth of field - 2.8), landscape mode (large depth of field)

exposure compensation - change overall brightness
dial down

white balance - makes sure colors are captured accurately

4 things to always check in photo editing
1. autocolor
2. levels - want to see a bell curve centered in the middle

color card - Scott Kelby book has one included, can also buy one
use photoshop to select what gray, white and black should be

file automate, crop and straighten photo - to quickly fix
3. shadow/highlight
4. sharpen

look at image size
72 is perfect for the Web
minimum of 180 for printing

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