Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Warm-up Your Brain Cells

Fiona chopped down an old tree and cut the trunk into 24-inch lengths. Because the tree had been dead for so long, there were no branches left. They had all fallen off.
Next, Fiona split each length into 4 pieces so that each piece was thinner and not so heavy, but still 24 inches long.
Now she had 80 logs to burn in her wood stove.
How many feet tall had the trunk of the tree been?I have been working on a math course over the last couple weeks.

Brain Teaser from EduPlace

If you need help with the answer, you can go to the Web site for hints. The answer won't be posted until next week.

Can you tell that I have been working on a math course this week? There are lots of great on-line tools for math. Here are my top 5.

Activities and lessons for teaching any math skill you can dream of from adding to algebra. Maintained by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Learn about fractions by sharing virtual cookies. Almost as fun as sharing the real thing!

A bevy of games that feature everything from estimation to pattern recognition. And the kids won't even realize they are learning!

These are mostly for the middle school and up crowd. Great tools to demonstrate very abstract math concepts.

Google has a built in calculator, currency converter and dictionary. Try it! Just type 3 +4 in the search box. Follow this link to learn how to perform more sophisticated calculations and conversions.

Hope your brain's all warmed up and ready for some math now!

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Flickr image. Woodcut by Clearly Ambiguous.

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