Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pot of Gold at NCETC

I am at the premier technology conference for the state of North Carolina this week, NCETC.

It is so exciting to talk with other educators who are using technology in the classroom and encouraging other teachers to use technology. The range of technology that people are presenting about is incredible! You have people talking about podcasting, blogging and skypecasting. And you have people talking about how to use Inspiration and PowerPoint.

I attended a mini blogger con moderated by David Warlick.

We discussed multiple vendors for student blog sites:
Class Blogmeister


I learned how to legally copy images from flickr. Go to
This subset of flickr images are willingly shared using a creative commons license.
Use the search tool to find a picture you are interested in.
Click on the “all sizes” button, and then choose the size image you want to download. And click the link for downloading the image.

Picture from flickr by Mylerdude

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DanitaRussell said...

I am also attending the conference and have been very pleased with the sessions. I have been in 3 of David's and learn something new every time! We're fortunate that he is willing to share his expertise. Maybe we'll bump into each other on Thursday in one of David's sessions.


Laura B. Fogle said...

Thanks for the comment. I didn't make it to any of David's sessions today. He is a great presenter, though. And I always learn something from his sessions and his blog. Speaking of blogs, yours is great!

Do you blog with students or were you the person in the blogger con talking about how to get your district started? said...

hi laura!

wow! how'd you stumble upon my rainbow-over-gilroy pic?


myles (aka mylerdude on flickr)