Sunday, March 04, 2012


In three short days NC TIES 2012 kicks off!  Educators around the state will gather to share ideas about integrating technology into the classroom.  I look forward to this conference so much!  I know that my mind will be exploding with new ideas and I will be energized by all that I see.  Many of the tech educators that inspire me will be there - Caitlin Meseck, Beckey Reed, Kathy Schrock, and David Warlick.  I hope to see Danita Russell and Bethany Smith too.

Caitlin and I will be presenting "Even Kindergartners Can Use Technology to Learn".  We have been planning our presentation for months, but now is the crunch time to put everything into our presentation and get it ready for showtime.  Our colleagues, Cathy Marlowe and Averi Avent, will be presenting too.  And I can't wait for everyone to see the great work they have done with FLIP cameras.

In reviewing the topics being covered in the concurrent sessions, I see quite a range - iOS devices in the classroom, QR codes, wireless, technology for assessments, 1:1 computing  . . .

Although there are many virtual conferences on educational technology I enjoy being able to see people face-to-face and have the focus of being away from school and home for a couple days to focus on new ideas and catching up with new trends.

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