Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Your Top Ten Tech Educators

Technology&Learning published their "Top 10 Influential Technology Educators" this month.  I was thrilled to see Dave Warlick of the Landmark Project in the list.  However, I didn't see many of the other technology educators who influence me on the list.  Here is my top ten:
Who are the ten teachers who influence you the most?


Caitlin said...

HOLY COW!!! I made Laura Fogle's Top 10!!! I mean THE Laura Fogle! YAHOO!!!!

Ok...stupid question...I may be enjoying the glory of the Top 10...but how on earth do I subscribe to your blog!! HAHAHA!!

Caitlin said...

Just Kidding, I got it! There was no easy FOLLOW button.

Laura B. Fogle said...

@Caitlin - Now I have a "Follow" button. I had to cut and paste the HTML since I am using Blogger and not WordPress.

FindThatBook said...

Nice list of your top educators. I will goexplore each of the new ones for me and check in on the ones that I already know. How did you set up your leave a comment to be so streamlined and encouraging? Norma