Thursday, July 28, 2011

Talk is Cheap, Texting is Free

I love technology, but I am cheap.  So I finally bought a phone with a slide out keyboard in November and upgraded my calling plan to include unlimited text.  Oh and my husband and daughter got phones and unlimited text too.  My husband and I text all the time now.  Our oldest daughter doesn't text much, but our younger daughter (who doesn't have a phone) can't wait.  She texts for me whenever I will let her.  So I know she will be a texting fiend when she gets a phone someday. 

That is why I found this guidance about setting limits with texting so helpful.


Alison LeSueur said...

I broke down and got a phone with a keyboard about 2 years ago. Now my son is in college and it's really our primary way of keeping in touch with us. I'd love to hear his voice more but I'll take texting if I hear from him more often. The other great thing about texting is that the quality of the call usually doesn't matter. It either goes through or doesn't, but you don't have to worry about the call breaking up. My only other problem is "fat" fingertips. I don't understand how kids can text so fast and not make more mistakes.

Next is my aversion to "smart" phones. I REALLY don't want to go to that next level of cost. And my laptop so far is really all I've needed. I just don't feel to the need to be able to access the net from everywhere. Unplugging sometimes is healthy.

Laura B. Fogle said...

I am avoiding the next level of cost for Web access and email on my phone too. I do see some advantages. I keep my calendar online and it would be so convenient to bring it up when making my daughter's next orthodontist appointment when I don't have my desktop or laptop.