Thursday, June 30, 2011

iPods for Kindergarten

After meeting Patrick Tart and Angela Sonntag at the MEGA Technology Showcase this spring, I was inspired to buy iPods for our school.  Angela creates instructional videos for her students to use during centers.  She posts the videos to a Web page that the students access with school iPods.  Caitlin Meseck, Candace Dymond and I visited Banks Road Elementary School last week to see the iPods in action and SO much more!  I was delighted to find that the two iPods our PTO purchased arrived last week.  So I am trying to figure them out, with the help of my 10 year old.  She is a natural!

I added a QR code reader application to one of the iPods and I am trying it out.  

If you want to learn more about how QR (quick read) codes can be used in education here is one resource from an ed tech leader in Winston-Salem.

We are planning to use them with kindergarteners. 

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