Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Groundhog Day

I feel like I have just seen my shadow. The last few weeks of December and the first couple weeks of January were great! I was starting to feel the rhythm of my classes. I learned how to anticipate how much we could get done without being rushed or kids not having anything to do for the last part of class. I came up with multi-week projects that the kids would enjoy and learn from.

Then the trouble tickets and tech support responsibilities started piling up. Ten donated computers to place and set up. Three macintosh computers that need to have their OS reinstalled. A data projector that won't work. A web browser acting up. A PC that won't connect to the Internet. A laptop that won't accept its XP login. A Mac that won't turn on. It never ends!!

I run down to look at one computer having problems in the 10 minutes between my classes and another teacher with another computer problem stops me in the hall. I don't think I have worked my official hours one day in the last two weeks.

And the big hit is still to come! The state is rolling out a new student data system and Durham starts using it next month. Every homeroom teacher in my school is going to HAVE to enter attendance data every morning on their computer. The teachers who currently have two inches of dust on their computer and don't know how to cut and paste. They are going to log on, connect to the network, login to the database and enter their attendance data. Yeah right! Guess who they are going to call when they have a problem?! Looks like six more weeks of winter for me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God. It sounds just like the good old days. Are you logging your hours, hm? Will you need to lobby for another position or partial position? Clone yourself!

reading Maine-e-ac said...

I agree with Bob. Those good ole days with both of you. Now that I know you have a blog and are writing about your life, I'll check in more often. Please let me know where you teach now. I'm at a school named Durham! Can you believe the connection???!!!