Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live Blogging From Hand it in to Publish It

Wil Richardson for Wil's notes and links

Wikinomics book

lives are transparent in this world - the idea of privacy is changing
more and more of the work that we create is expected to be shared, shift from copyright to creative commons

used to be "do your own work" now becoming more collaborative

content is everywhere - ie MIT OpenCourseware; no longer encapsulated in classroom or fixed to a place and time

constantly changing

kids still need to be helped and taught how to use tools well. They are more fearless in their use of technology

we teach children to becme dependent learners
there is nothing about what kids are passionate about in my kids classroom

the cult of the amateur - book about why web 2.0 is bad

delicious network explorer - can see how people you are connected to are connected to others; if we don't like the way kids are creating network on my space then we need to help them develop a better process

article, Scan This Book

learning about wikis, blogs and podcasts in Blackboard is like learning to drive in a simulator

VoiceThread allow you to link recordings to images and post to the web

connect with people who are passionate about what you want to learn about

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