Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live Blogging: Drupal Content Management for the Web 2.0 World

Brett Hinton

Drupal - website paired with a database that organizes content, can share the production of Web content with this tool

login and password for content creation; can create the administration rules however you want (i.e. email account, keycode, etc.)

released in 2001

did a quick poll and were able to view results very quickly

created my own blog within the drupal site

the presentation main page is a wiki created within Drupal

if you don't have a web server to install Drupal, there are providers that you can use (30 day free trial) that have a Drupal server already

walled Web 2.0 garden - addresses some of the privacy and security concerns of wikis, blogs, podcasts because you can control access

the holy grail of content management systems is controlling who can create, edit, view different types of content

module that you can add to add audio files and automatically creates what you need to make it a podcast

create events, schedule rooms example showing scheduling computer lab through Drupal; not as robust as Exchange where it checks for conflicts

the biggest obstacle to using Drupal is the configuration and figuring out which modules you need to do what you want

Bill Fitzgerald is an educator that does a lot of Drupal work. He has an installation that works pretty well for schools right out of the box.

trying out the administration side now login: demo pswd: demo has configurations of dozens of open source systems and they reset every 30 minutes. You can try them out, mess around with settings and it will reset.

Super job Brett!!

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Cheryl Oakes said...

Hi Laura,
Here is my response to you about Moodle from my May 22 blog post at I am getting ready for my Moodle workshop. It took a while, but this is a start.

Hi Laura,
I am getting ready for my Moodle introductory workshop tomorrow. Here is what I have so far.
you can log in as guest to see the Beginning Moodle. There will be lots of links listed here.
I am using a really great movie from Jeff Flynn and Chris Curtis
This message is powerful coming from a teacher! Good luck.