Sunday, August 31, 2014

Designing Personalized Instruction for TEACHERS

I have read articles about personalized learning for teachers from Eudemic, Edsurge, and Edutopia. They tend to focus on Web based PD teachers seek out themselves. While I agree this is a powerful option, I want to offer school based PD that is also personalized. We expect teachers to differentiate in the classroom and I want to model that in the professional development I offer them. How can I design my PD plan to begin creating personalized quality professional development?
  • Design face-to-face large group sessions with multiple options or centers
  • Design half day trainings as Edcamps with teacher presenters and attendee choice
  • Provide optional training after school for teachers to self select
  • Enlist teachers to lead mini sessions and serve as mentors to their colleagues
  • Share general PLN resources via email with the staff as a whole and specialized PLN resources with individual teachers  
Some other educators are thinking about this too:

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