Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BYOD of One (so far)

My school is considering a BYOD program. One parent requested taking part early because her student has trouble keeping up with assignments. (What middle school student doesn't have that problem?) So we have a test group of one individual, but so far it has some promising results and some challenges. The first week of the BYOD experiment the student had to be redirected to use the device for instructional purposes. I haven't heard of a problem since then. The student wanted to be able to print some documents to turn in. So we downloaded an app for our printer, but it still wouldn't connect. Our IT technician determined that the app wasn't designed for an enterprise environment where there were 12 of the same printers on the network. So we abandoned the search for a printing solution and decided to go paperless. So far teachers are reporting that the student emails his assignments and it is working fine.

I hope this is the start of big things for us.

  1. More BYOD - I presented the next steps of the BYOD program to our PTSO Board last night and they were enthusiastic. I will present to our faculty next week. We are waiting for a filtered, open wireless network to start a larger pilot.
  2. Less Paper - We use a ridiculous amount of paper. Perhaps if a few teachers experience carrying assignments home on their laptop, phone or tablet we can have more paperless assignments for all students!

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