Thursday, January 31, 2013

JIT Videos - Thanks DiscoveryEd

I was listening to my daughter explain what they learned in science this week, when we came upon a challenging term in her notebook, mid-ocean ridge.  I asked what it was and she couldn't tell me so I pulled my smartphone out of my pocket.  She wanted to go to Google, but I insisted upon another approach.  I figured Google would send us to Wikipedia and while the answer would be correct, it wouldn't be very accessible to a 6th grader.

I logged into DiscoveryEd (thanks Durham Public Schools!) and typed the word into their search.  And sure enough several videos came up.  This one,, was the best.  It had two experts explaining the term and showed an animated globe with a mid-ocean ridge.  It was under 5 minutes long.

I learned in my videography class this week that short segments are helpful because students don't lose focus.  Score!  So after Hannah and I watched the video, I emailed the link to her science teacher so the whole class can watch on the data projector!  I was delighted!

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