Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Content Creation

My soon to be middle schooler has discovered the joy of creating content.  H got a parent sponsored email address last week.  She figured out on her own how to add it to her iPod Touch and wasted no time creating messages.  She ran into my office and asked for my email address and seconds later came back to see if I got the message. 

I had forgotten how thrilling email can be!  I think she suddenly felt a part of a new world where she could solicit answers to questions in a mature way.  No more yelling at Mom over the sound of the dishwasher and the TV, send her an email. . . and then yell "Mom, did you get my email?" 

After tasting the thrill of sending text content to someone I encouraged her to take another step.  She loves to watch videos on YouTube and I struggle with limiting her time on this medium.  Yes, I have restrictions set on her iPod, but I want her thinking and creating not passively receiving.  So I suggested that she could make a movie and publish it to YouTube.  She has created four now, well that was the count as of 9:00.  She started a series and is thrilled to watch her views and comments. 

I know from my work in educational technology that creating for a wider audience is motivating to students, but I have seen it in action this summer.  Watch out George Lucas, the next great cinematographer is in training!

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