Monday, May 28, 2012

Remediation Videos

I recently suggested to the teachers at my school that they might be interested in creating videos with their students. Students who have mastered material could create a video to help students needing review. When they are finished the teachers will have a video for remediation this year and for instruction next year.

Need some inspiration? Here’s an example I found on YouTube - I searched “fractions third grade students” to find it.

One of the third grade teachers, Anna Larson, is running with it and I can't wait to see what her students create!
Here are some basic steps for one-take videos from
Pick a Topic

Decide whether the video will explain a concept or demonstrate an idea.

Assign the groups

Roles you might want to have for each group – script writer/reader, prop creator/manipulator, project manager, technical manager/camera operator


Students write the script. Assemble props. Rehearse without the camera.

Final production

Record! We have a full digital video camera and also several Flip cameras. Retake if there are any major mistakes. The idea is to avoid the editing step to accelerate the process.

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