Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry Month Activities

Here are some great elementary school resources for National Poetry month.  Teachers could share these with their class using a projector or as a center using a few classroom computers.

Poetry idea engine – This is a fun introductory activity that needs little supervision from a teacher.  Students choose what type of poem they want to write.  The “poetry engine” creates a framework, leaving some blank spaces for students to choose a word.  They can print their poem when they are finished.

Animated poetry readings from Shel Silverstein – students can click on a poem and then hear Shel Silverstein read it and watch his animated drawings.  Great activity to project for the whole class or let students explore on their own on your classroom computers.

Poetry writing with writers – This activity is more involved.  Students use suggestions from famous poets to create their own poetry.  Teachers would need to go over this in detail with their class or could use the ideas to make their own poetry writing activity.


Meghan said...

This is awesome! I have used Shel Silverstein's poetry readings in class. My students love his poems, and hearing him read them is so exciting for them!

Laura B. Fogle said...

Silverstein's poetry is so fun! And I think the animated drawings and Silverstein's voice really make them come alive!