Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Google Forms - Tues. Tech Tips

GoogleForms is the newest aspect of Google that I am sharing with students and staff.  Here are a few ways to use them:
Paperless quiz:  Type up a few questions in a form.  Our students don't have email, so teachers post a link to the form on their blog or in a wiki.  Don't forget to include a "Name" question.  Google will accumulate all the answers for you with one line in a spreadsheet for each student's answers.  Here  is an example quiz. Here is the GoogleForm you can modify to create your own.

Self scoring spelling test:  Steve Kirkpatrick pioneered this idea.  Make a form that includes a space for the student's name and then one blank text box for each spelling word.  Then you create a spreadsheet with the correct spelling of the words and have Google compare the student's spelling to the correct spelling and count the correct answers.  More detailed steps are given here.

Lunch orders:  Our school's receptionist, Dawn Searls, used Google Forms to survey the staff about their lunch choices for catered lunch.  So quick and easy to use - no more email responses filling her inbox or pieces of paper piling up on her desk.  And she could send the file directly to the caterer with a few clicks of the mouse!

Surveys: If you want a lot of people to give their opinion anonymously make a public form and share the link.  You can tabulate the responses quickly and easily in the spreadsheet Google makes for you.

Teacher Observations: Administrators can document their observations and email them to the teacher with a few clicks.  Charles Nolan at Middle College shared his form with me earlier this week.  It includes a script that emails the teacher the results of the observation when they are finished.  Learn more about the formemailer script here - https://sites.google.com/site/formemailer/getstarted

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