Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's New from Google - Patrick Crispen

Googlebots from Patrick Crispen

fun presentation - Google 411 tip and Creative Commons search are AWESOME

The Googlebots send Google a complete copy of the entire Web page. - to see his old presentation on how Google works and gets a page rank

Patrick gives permission to use his presentations under Creative Commons

Google 411

Call 1-800-goog411 will text the directions or map to cell phone, doesn’t offer residential information . . . yet

Google Mobile Maps is a dowloadable cell phone application, see real time traffic information; google.gmm; more cell phone stuff

in google maps set location and then type ribs in [location]

Google Research Tools

full text searching of thousands of books – adding ~ 3,000 books a day

Google has scanned and you can search the content of books to let you know where the word you are searching for occurs in the book, but won’t let you read the book online (with a few exceptions)

limits searches to peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles

news archive search – can find out where the article is and then you have to go to your library and get the real document. look on left hand side for the timeline

Google notebook

browser add-in that lets you save information from the Internet onto a virtual 3x5 card, highlight information on web site, click on the star it adds what you wanted to your Google notebook page. on your notebook page it has all the information you nee to cite the resource

on advanced search there is a choice under usage writes to specifically look for Creative Commons materials

common facts can be searched using plain English

Google will make basic mathematical calculations


1 light year in miles

1 cup in teaspoons

1 dollar in euros

define smoots

weather: greensboro nc

movie [zipcode]

Google Productivity Tools

could create a classroom set of email addresses on

Google Docs has Powerpoint now too

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