Friday, April 27, 2007

Brother Where Art Thou?

My brothers were visiting yesterday and today. What a wonderful treat! We had a great time talking and eating over the day that they were here. They were on their way to the Outer Banks of NC for a Hog Rally.

Paul has a Treo and spends a lot of time online, IMing, and text messaging. He is the guy I talk to for advice on PDA gadgets and the like. He pointed me to a cool Web site that keeps track of passwords for you, SplashId.

Steve is less of a gadget guy, but is an expert on information security. He is the guy I talk to for advice on keeping data secure (and raising two daughters).

After our conversation over biscuits and text messages, I am beginning to rethink the convenience of letting Firefox remember many of my passwords. Perhaps I should increase the security of my personal and professional information. Any suggestions for other simple things to do to protect yourself?

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