Friday, March 09, 2007

Disney 2.0 Not Ready for Primetime

I am back home, fresh from our family’s first trip to Disney World. I had been before, but not with my own children. It was a truly magical experience. We had talked about the trip and saved money in our Minnie bank for two and a half years. I got chills when we drove through the big gates onto Disney property for the first time. And taking my daughter on Space Mountain was a real thrill.

So when I arrived home to read Wil Richardson’s post about Disney entering the social networking scene, I was delighted. Disney magic comes to Web 2.0!

But what I found was more marketing than magic. Even with DSL, my connection was maxed out with all the video clips it was cramming into my browser. I tried out a few games and found them difficult to understand and clunky. Maybe its because I am a digital immigrant. While I agre with Wil that its exciting to have such a big player in the social networking business, I think Disney has a long way to go before Disney XD is ready for primetime.

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