Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If Blue Can Do It, You Can Too

Blue, Dora and Diego all have their own podcasts on Nick Jr. I have visions of two year olds with their iPod video players sitting in their strollers watching Dora. Maybe that is a stretch, but maybe not as much of one as we old-timers might think. Fisher-Price has a digital camera for preschoolers and it was one of the hot toys this past Christmas. Disney has a cell phone it markets exclusively to 10 to 15 year olds. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that many, many of her 8 year olds' friends just got iPods, and several got cell phones.

Blue, Dora and Diego each only have three right mini-shows now and they are actually vodcasts. However, you can subscribe to any of the three characters programs, so I think many more will be coming. There is no denying that RSS is now becoming mainstream. As educators we need to get moving and start experimenting more with these technologies. Kids are using them in their out of school life and if we don't learn to harness their potential we will become as outdated as a copy of Benji on beta.

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wesleyjeanne said...

I wish now that I had saved it to show you, but before Christmas in all of the sales flyers I received in the mail full of enticing toys for children, there were: bean-bag-style chairs designed ofr toddlers and preschoolers with ports & speakers for an ipod. The future is now for our kids.