Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Believe I can Fly - with the help of Google Earth

Google has given us another awesome, free tool, Google Earth. If you have ever wanted to fly, you will have fun with this!

There are several Google Earth meme projects being created where people connect virtually and share an experience or a picture. You pin a note on the Google globe and people all over the world can read your note. It is a different kind of social networking.

This meme project was created by Lucy Gray. People share their experience about remarkable teachers and learning experiences. Check it out.

Here is my post about my most memorable teacher.

The teacher who had the greatest impact on me was Anne Simpson, my high school Language Arts teacher. She challenged me to give more of myself by assigning open-ended projects and maintaining high academic standards. She was passionate about teaching and transforming the lives of adolescents. She told me I should be a teacher and I did become one, thanks to her example. Today I work with teachers to help them enhance their teaching with technology. Through demonstrating her passion, Ms. Simpson helped me find my passion.

Thanks Lucy for giving me a reason to learn to fly with Google Earth!

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Anonymous said...

This project was so cool I added it to my latest graduate course for Pearson.