Friday, November 17, 2006

When You Wish Upon A Star

There is a strong Leonid meteor shower expected this weekend for North America and Western Europe. I fondly remember the last time I shivered outside to watch meteors. Our oldest daughter must have only been 3 at the time, but she had already caught her daddy's love of the stars. She would go out on the porch each night to say goodnight to the stars before she went to bed. So when she heard us talking about a "star shower" she was all in. I think it was 4 am when we got up and wrapped ourselves in blankets. We were living in the country at the time so we just went and laid in the front yard and stared up at the black sky whispering to each other "There's one!" "Look over there!" It was magical.

We live inside the light pollution zone they call the city now. So we will have to drive somewhere to have any chance of giving our second daughter the same thrill. Might just be worth it.

While we are talking astronomy, I stumbled on this awesome Web site, Your Sky, this week for all your astronomy enthusiasts and science teachers. You enter your latitude and longitude and it will give you a sky map. You can also get a horizon view and play with the virtual telescope. For free!

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