Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walking, not running, down the Web 2.0 Road

This is what an online conference looks like. I am "attending" the K-12 Online Conference this month. And this is what my computer screen looked like while I was listening to the keynote.

I was less than 50 miles away from where David created his keynote presentation for K-12Online when I was watching the keynote. Yet I was able to watch it after attending an open house night at my children’s elementary school, getting them tucked into bed, making their lunches for tomorrow and laying out their outfits for picture day.
That is the beauty of Web 2.0. It comes to you when you are ready. And yet, I feel that its full power eludes me. I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and six years as a computer technical support engineer, one year as a programmer. Yet, I haven’t gotten the RSS feed from my blog working the way I want. I don’t have Technorati tags on it, but I don’t really get how they work. How do we expect teachers, who are up to all hours grading papers and preparing lessons after THEY get home from open house and put their kids to bed, to figure this stuff out? We have to push to make it less cumbersome. The tools have to become more user friendly.
David, thanks for the links that will help me further down the road of Web 2.0.

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